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Back-to-School Youth Festival Extravaganza!

Music - Concert - DJ'S

Arts and Craft Activities, Contests, Dance, Drama/Skits, Poetry Reading,

Display, Food/Drinks, Game Competitions, Promotional Giveaways, Raffles

Information and Display - Booth/Case

 Major Ticket Offer

A one-time ticket purchase is being offered for any student in Muskegon County. Purchase your ?Student Ticket? get it laminated on site at any event, store your ticket in a safe place. Present your laminated ticket at each venue, and get in free. This offer is just for Muskegon County students. Make sure you have your student identification from the high school, or college you represent. Both the ticket and your student ID must be current. Ticket purchase can be made in advance of any event, so make sure you get yours early. Thank you in advance. Stay in school!

URL >>> Please click here to complete this survey

  Back to school Initiative The gap between educations and employment must be closed, or at least controlled with emphasis on training and education at every level. The 21st Century expectations demand that the business owners establish these education and employment mechanisms within the structure of the company. This practice is an assurance our young have the desired skills to achieve their goals, while building a sustainable climate for future growth and enterprise within these communities.

"Back - to - School Youth Festival Extravaganza!" The theme: "Yes you can, build your dream"

 The purpose of this event is created for the linking of the arts, fine arts, performing artists, education related merchants, entertaining artists, with other local retailers, colleges, schools and firms together on location to display what they have to offer. This will be an opportunity to interact with students share ideas, sell, and introduce new ideas, technologies, solutions, products. Merchandise and services with emphasis on students, teachers, education, and merchants will be offered for sale on location.

These events will include various contests in the areas of entertainment and performing arts.There will also be scheduled during this weekend a ?Student/Teacher? learning convention and expo. Research and analysis for pulling off successful events of this sort has been ongoing since the year 2000. Your input, suggestions and ideas will also be considered. Contact the organizer on this site.

It has been determined from critical analysis surrounding apparent evidence which support dedication to the success of these events, is the stronger need for education, commerce, technology, science, and mathematics are now necessary training options and employment opportunity. The 21st Century employer must adapt to change if expecting to remain successful while holding position as a sustainable force in this rapid growing, constantly shifting economy. We are supportive to embrace opportunity climates of this age to keep our young engage

The purpose of this event is to organize our local communities and youth while building a strong marketing base that will boost our economies and prepare our young people for future expansion and growth well into the next generations. We want these activities to support this endeavor. Please contact the organizer to get involved. Thank you for visiting!

We are seeking any input information from you or your group in these categories if you want to be included or considered. Use the appropriate contact form for questions, or just return to the ticket area and obtain your online free ticket from the ticket panel above. Thanks again!

 Here is the link to follow if you have more questions, or wish to become a contributor, provider or partner:

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Help sell tickets for the ?Back - to - School Youth Festival Extravaganza? and earn $7.00 per ticket sale!

We will answer any questions and provide any other information you request as needed.

Sponsored by   www.mimc411.net

Initiative Support Services:

Spuncksides Promotion Production

Activities are confirmed here:

Online Marketing Connection

Back to School Initiatives Group on FACEBOOK

Thank you for your visit. Please return often as information will be added

as changes occur.



Alvin Johnson

Executive Marketing Manager                                            

[email protected]

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